About Us


urrounded by beautiful gardens one of 8 kms from Liberia, offer A Different Way to Enjoy the natural beauty Surrounding National Parks in Guanacaste, As Santa Rosa, Rincon de la Vieja and Palo Verde.

Canyon de la Vieja Lodge offers 50 rooms What COUNT access both access para characters with Special Needs, each has a small terrace overlooking the street, equipped with double beds, air conditioning, private bathroom, amenities and hot water. Also we have Ample parking, bar, spa, restaurant, the most exciting adventure activities like horseback riding, Rafting, rappel Beside the impressive Canyon of the Colorado River.

Weather and Temperature


ith an elevation of 120 meters Above Sea Level, The climate is dry Warm December and April; full sun, trade winds and starry nights. The rainy season usually starts a Mid-May and ends a Mid November. It is characterized BY ITS greenery in landscapes, sunny mornings and afternoon rains almost every day. In July and August is given The Call Indian summer.