n order to give a more relaxing to our facilities touch and responding to the needs of our clients, born Aquetzally Spa, a place where you can enjoy different treatments and unique, appropriate to the natural products of the area surrounding the Colorado River and Volcan Rincon de La Vieja.

The hours are from 5:00 pm 12md, however, can adapt to your itinerary when we are informed in advance. Among the treatments you can enjoy include:

  • Massage of back, neck and shoulders.
  • Relaxation massage.
  • Volcanic stones massage.
  • Aloe vera wrap.
  • Mineral salts and fruit oils.
  • Collagen veil facial.
  • Refreshing mini facial.

Within our new treatments have Pailas.

This relaxing package includes:

  • Mud application.
  • Using the spa pools.
  • 30-minute massage
  • Using sauna bath, steam or both.
  • cocktail.

To book any of the treatments you can go directly to the spa or through our reservations department and reception.


This massage mixes the relaxing heat of the stones with the experienced hands of our therapists. It is recommended after a long hike, adventure day or just to relieve your tired muscles.

Duration: 1 hour

As it name says, it is massage that focuses in providing a mental and physical relaxation, helped with the river and forest sounds as well as our therapists’ hands.

Duration: 1 hour

This massage focuses on back, neck and shoulders muscles. It uses a special technique to obtain a fast relieve of the areas affected for tension and tiredness.

Duration: 30 min

This technique includes stretching together with strong pressure in the muscles which are generally relaxed.

Duration: 1 hora


Collagen is one of the most common elements used in beauty treatments, it helps hydration and revitalization of the skin. This treatment is recommended for all skin types and ages and it makes you feel pretty relaxed along the time it takes.

The treatment has three steps:

  • Face Cleaning
  • Vaporization Massage
  • Veil application

Duration: 45 min

This is the basic facial, it will help your skinb to be :

  • Facial Scrub
  • Hydration Massage
  • Refreshing Mask

Duration: 30 min


Es un tratamiento recomendado para pieles sensibles, o que ha estado expuesta a mucho sol, o con alguna tipo de reacción a las picaduras de insectos, ya que los componentes tienen propiedades calmantes desinflamatorias permitiendo un alivio casi inmediatamente a estas molestias.

Consta de tres pasos:

  • Aplicación de productos envoltura con un masaje cráneo- facial.
  • Ducha.
  • Masaje Relajante con crema de pepino.

Duration: 1 hora 10 minutos

Special Packages

For spa lovers we have created three different packages that include different services at Aquetzally, come and enjoy a unique experience.

  • Exfoliación con arena volcánica y aceite de almendras.
  • Envoltura de fango volcánico.
  • Masaje con piedras calientes.

Duration: 1 hora 20 minutos

  • Mini facial.
  • Masaje de espalda, cuello y hombres.

Duration: 1 hora

  • Facial con velo de colágeno.
  • Envoltura de aloe vera y pepino.
  • Masaje relajante.

Duration: 2 hora