anyon de La Vieja Lodge takes seriously the impact that the industry could have on the environment. The main reason for this information is to implement various processes, mechanisms, products but also various behaviors that allow us to continue to protect the environment.

In order to meet our environmental goals, we designed a series of plans that successfully guide us towards sustainable development:

  • Reduction plan and solid waste management.
  • Plan decrease in the consumption of energy and water.
  • System efficient handling of liquid wastes.
  • Environmental education program Curubandé's school, and with the support of "sustainable friends" as the Guanacaste Conservation Area and the State Open University.

When you visit us you can work with these small efforts, following the instructions provided in your room.

Where are we going?

All these efforts are making in the framework of the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) that aims to make the country's tourism sector is strongly directed towards a truly sustainable development program. It is a comprehensive program that leads firms to mitigate their environmental, social and cultural impacts, while drives them to go further contributing to the economic development of the communities where companies operate, to consume and promote products and services they offer.

Companies are awarded with a certificate that evaluates their progress in the process of sustainability, on a scale from 1 to 5; 5 being the highest possible rating. (For more information on this program please consult the

In 2014 we were awarded with 3 sheets of sustainable tourism in the new gastronomic standard. Our main merits were the innovative dishes and the rescue of our culinary traditions. In addition we have recently been awarded 4 sheets turística- Certificate Sustainability hotels.

Another way to contribute to efforts to Costa Rica as a country takes is cleaning your trip by buying carbon credits. If you want to learn more you can visit the following link:

FONAFIFO is a company that is a leader in the development and innovation of financing mechanisms and the generation of markets for goods and services provided by forest ecosystems, to improve productivity and competitiveness of the forest sector

Canyon de La Vieja Lodge, working for our environment!